First for Reviews

We has started a new series of in-depth reviews covering the latest major Linux distributions and software themes. Currently you can explore:

SuSe 7.3 – the latest release from Europe’s leading Linux Distributor.

Chess Interfaces – A comparison of the ways to play chess on a Linux box.
First for Beginners

There are a number of resources FirstLinux provides specifically for beginners. Your first questions might be ‘What is Linux ?’ and ‘Why use Linux ?’ Next, you might want to look at some essential links for Linux Beginners and raise a question in the Beginners Discussion Forum. Are you confused by the Linux jargon – try the The Linux Guide – a glossary of Linux information.

FirstLinux has started a new series of articles written for beginners:

  • Checklist for Newbies – a starting point for the complete novice.
  • I’ve installed Linux: What Next ? is a collection of articles giving suggestions and ideas for exploiting your newly installed Linux system.

Linux Smart Cards

  • The latest content provided by the FirstLinux team is a series of smartcards.
  • These enable beginner and intermediate Linux users to understand in greater detail particular features of the operating system. The following smart cards are currently available:
  • The Linux Directory Structure – explains the reasoning behind the Linux directory organisation.
  • Understanding permissions – explains the significance of permissions and how to change permission settings.


Linux Reviews: Short capsule reviews of Linux software are available here. We welcome your reviews of Linux software to supplement our own.

The Linux Package Guide: The package guide contains information on the core packages of the RedHat, Suse, Caldera, Mandrake and Debian distributions for the Intel platform. The database is fully searchable allowing you to find out just what each distribution offers.

The Linux Guide: The guide is a compendium of essential linux information consisting of terms, definitions and documentation with entries sorted alphabetically.

The Linux Product Guide: The Linux product guide is a database of information on commercial products available for Linux.

LinuxLinks A collection of approximately 12,000 links to essential Linux web pages. Reviewers at Linux Links list the latest Linux sites through exhaustive searches on the net. Additional links are also provided from Linux enthusiasts.