Create a color picker helper with FormBuilder

Create a FormBuilder

Using a FormBuilder is the easiest way to add new methods to a form_for block; to create a custom FormBuilder simply create a file .rb in your helper directory and put this code inside:

# the custom FormBuilder

class ColorPickerFormBuilder < ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder


What we have just done is created a new FormBuilder by extending the base one, for now we haven’t added any method yet but we can use this builder like the base one; to do this we need just to use the ”:builder” option while calling the form_for method:

<% form_for(:milestone, :url => milestone_path(@milestone.project,@milestone), :html => { :method => :put }, :builder => ColorPickerFormBuilder) do |f| %>
…your form code here…

<% end %>

Adding the color picker method

To add the color picker the only step to perform is write a method named ‘color_picker’ in the formbuilder we’ve previously created:

def color_picker(method, options={})

toret = "<div class=\"colorpicker\">"

options[:avaiable].each_pair do |key,opt|

toret += "<div id=\"coloritem_#{key}\" class=\"coloritem " + (opt == options[:selected] ? "cpselected" : "") + "\" style=\"background: #{opt}\">"

toret += "<a href=\"#\" onClick=\"set_color_picker(‘coloritem_#{key}’,'#{opt}’);return false;\"></a>"

toret += "</div>\n"


toret += "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"#{@object_name.to_s}[#{method.to_s}]\" value=\"#{options[:selected]}\" id=\"hidden_color_picker\"/>"

toret += "<div class=\"clear\"></div>"

toret += "</div>"

return toret


Now we can call this new control in the same way we would use for a text_field or a text_area:

… in your environment.rb file…

MIL_TYPES = { 1 => "#ff6600",

2 => "#785f4b",

3 => "#56bb98",

4 => "#786575",

5 => "#000000"


… inside a form_for block …

<%= f.color_picker :color, :avaiable => MIL_TYPES, :selected=> @milestone.color %>

CSS and Javascript

The last step is to do a little styling of this controller and add a bit of javascript:

In your CSS file:


float: left;

margin-left: 5px;

width: 20px;

height: 20px;



border: 2px solid #000000;


div.coloritem A{

display: block;

width: 100%;

height: 100%;


In your javascript file (usually application.js):

function set_color_picker(element_name,color){

items = document.getElementsByClassName(‘coloritem’);





document.getElementById(‘hidden_color_picker’).value = color


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