Rake db:bootstrap and foreign keys

While working on our current project I decided to implement, for the initial SQL import, the db:bootstrap task from technoweenie forum but I found some problems due to this fact:

The data is imported ordered by the name of the tables

This means that if you have a table named ‘accounts’ and a table named ‘users’ accounts data will be loaded first and users data will follow, but what happens if there is a foreign key between users table and accounts table ? ( eg: there is a column named user_id in the accounts table and you’re using the foreign key migrations plugin, or you could have scripted one foreign key in your migration files ) Well… obviously your database engine will return an error :-)

To avoid this I’ve changed a bit the bootstrap.rake file from Weenie in order to let you specify the import sequence by adding a 2 digit number in front of your filename (eg: “accounts.yml—> 10_accounts.yml”).

This is the source code of the task, I know it’s quite dirty but it do its job.

namespace :bootstrap do

desc "Load initial database fixtures (in db/bootstrap/*.yml) into the current environment’s database. Load specific fixtures using FIXTURES=x,y"

task :load => :environment do

require ‘active_record/fixtures’


(ENV['FIXTURES'] ? ENV['FIXTURES'].split(/,/) : Dir.glob(File.join(RAILS_ROOT, ‘db’, ‘bootstrap’, ‘*.{yml,csv}’))).sort.each do |fixture_file|

table_names = File.basename(fixture_file, ‘.*’)

file_names = table_names

class_names = {}

fixtures_directory = ‘db/bootstrap’

table_names = table_names[3..table_names.length]

table_names = [table_names].flatten.map { |n| n.to_s }

connection = ActiveRecord::Base.connection

ActiveRecord::Base.silence do

fixtures_map = {}

fixtures = table_names.map do |table_name|

fixtures_map[table_name] = Fixtures.new(connection, File.split(table_name.to_s).last, class_names[table_name.to_sym],

File.join(fixtures_directory, file_names.to_s))


Fixtures.all_loaded_fixtures.merge! fixtures_map

connection.transaction(Thread.current['open_transactions'] == 0) do

fixtures.reverse.each { |fixture| fixture.delete_existing_fixtures }

fixtures.each { |fixture| fixture.insert_fixtures }

# Cap primary key sequences to max(pk).

if connection.respond_to?(:reset_pk_sequence!)

table_names.each do |table_name|








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