Thoughts on Registration

In this week I faced the problem of creating a registration procedure for a new service we’re going to release soon.

I tried to wrote down all of the features a professional and web 2.0 compliant registration form must have, then I summarized this features in a list I’m going to share with you hoping you’ll find it useful.

Need to be fast

It’s a crucial point. You need to ask as few informations as possible and let the user complete his profile after his first log-in.

This is because a lot of times I found myself bored by the quantity of fields I need to fill to obtain a username and I don’t want users gave up while registering to my service.

E-mail confirmation

Ask for an e-mail address during the registration procedure and send an acconunt-confirmation e-mail to that address.

Doing this way the user has to put much attention on the data he is putting in your fields and you can also do a little spam prevention ( that will be enforced with the next point ).

Use logic Captcha

I don’t like captcha, I don’t like to have to demonstrate I’m human, in the future I hope we will find a way to recognize bot registrations in a painless way ( there is already something moving in this directon ) but for now the best I found is to use logic captcha like BrainBuster, a Rails plugin that works very well.

Well that’s all for now, I’m now thinking on the best way to implement a payment system…

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