Great news! WhoDoes 1.1 is online!

In the past few months we have worked to improve WhoDoes a lot. We are finally proud to announce a new release – 1.1 – is online.

We have just open a special offer for bloggers and press.

Faster than ever

Short after releasing version 1.0 in May, we realized that the project planning section was too slow. We worked hard to improve WhoDoes performance: we changed the hosting services provider and we carefully reviewed and optimized the source code. The results very good. Have a look at it!


The previous version included a small product tour. It wasn’t able to completely explain and give a clear idea of the potential of WhoDoes. So we decided to completely redesign the ‘Tour’ section in what we have called ‘Explore’ a dedicated and complete guide to the main sections of our product, with screenshots and responses to frequently asked questions.

Calendar subscription

As of today you can use Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, Microsoft Outlook and every other comparable calendar software that implement “iCalendar standard” to subscribe task calendar.

In line tutorial

A new tutorial has been built inside the application to take you step by step through all phases of the project. This in line tutorial is already available in all the languages we support.

English, Italian and Spanish

It’s much easier to use an application if it speaks your language. WhoDoes is now available in English, Italian and Spanish to simplify your life!

New subscription plans added

It’s now possible to use WhoDoes to manage more than two projects, with more space for the Repository and the option to handle up to 100 managed projects. In fact there are four new subscription plans available fo you to buy. Of course each of you can continue to use WhoDoes for free.

As for the payment gateway, we decided to use PayPal, because we strongly feel that this solution can help you to trust us. We don’t store your credit card information nor the extra data PayPal asks you to provide. Basing our payment service on PayPal doesn’t mean you need to have a PayPal Account to buy a subscription.

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