WhatAList is coming!

Finally, we did it… we are delivering yet another list-rate-and-share-it web application: Ruby on Rails framework and Ajax interactive facilities.

If web 2.0 is something about a better user experience, great design, usability and user generated content, than rethinking a simple activity, like creating a list, ordering items, and sharing them with your fellows, it’s the best yardstick of testing your team ability to deliver web 2.0 applications, be agile, and generate great content.

Creating a list application means making better what is already simple, you have to reinterpret in a new way or just to give a different viewpoint to something which is near to everyday life, you are creating “web for ordinary people”.

We know we have some remarkable rivals such as Amazon Unspun. But we don’t feel strictly competitors with Unspun since we share a common base of intentions: leveraging communities, giving simple solutions, at the same time useful and funny.

Though it’s not a mystery that we are asking our users to compare our “style” with that of Unspun and of other list-and-rate services in order to give us a feedback on which let them feel the better user experience.

So what are you going to see in WhataList? First of all, take a look at the teaser and enjoy the design.

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