Web 2.0 Map

While searching for a complete picture of Web 2.0 galaxy I found some nice collages of application logos: the one from Ludwig Gatke is amazing.

Then if you are looking for a more schematic map of Web 2.0 you can find some over-connected graphs and little more: from the original meme map by Tim O’Reilly, to the very crowded tag-cloud image from Markus Angermeier.

Tim O’Reilly picture is a brainstorming mind map: an image-centered diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of information related to Web 2.0, simple but useful.

On the other hand Angelrmeier work is fascinating but a bit cramped; it looks like a mix between a tag cloud and a concept map, you enjoy the easy of use and immediateness of tag clouds mixed with the downward-branching structure typical of a concept map.

I found Angelrmeier’s work very expressive, but too complicated and static, therefore I set my mind to improve the tag-cloud representation of Web 2.0, starting from that image, but working on a different graphic format.

I was aiming at a more dynamic image, easy to edit, and more linked with external information sources, basically much more readable. I selected the .svg format Scalable Vector Graphics and created it using Inkscape

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