People who can wear different hats

Recently I started the reading of Getting Real from 37Signals, which can be considered the Simple Software Movement manifesto. I focused my attention on a chapter about staffing.

There was one concept that caught my attention: “Small teams need people who can wear different hats”. That’s good! – I thought – and it’s the same idea that inspired Rails on Wave team. Let me speak using 37signals true words:

Small teams need people who can wear different hats. You need designers who can write. You need programmers who understand design.

Everyone should have an idea about how to architect information (whatever that may mean). Everyone needs to have an organized mind. Everyone needs to be able to communicate with customers.

Our Rails on Wave team was built up a few months ago with these same intentions.

We have great programmers who can handle css, we have volcanic designers who can switch from Photoshop to photograph and video productions, people with proven technical skills obsessed by the mantra of cool design, people who feel comfortable both in a Super Strings conference and in a conversation about The Influence of Colors on User’s Interface Perception.

Only teams with such a DNA will have the chance to innovate, to make better software for ordinary people and finally to create a better world.

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