Ruby on Rails is gaining momentum

Since its first release by David Heinemeier Hansson in middle 2004, Ruby on Rails has enjoyed strong positive trend both in the open source and web development community. This trend can be easily noticed in Google Trend’s statistics.

It’s interesting to analyze the facts that generated hype in the past years. Main events are related to Rails releases or articles published by major tech-web sites.

The first peak is on June, when Slashdot posted an early review of the book Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier.

The first release of RoR dates back to December 13: simple software movement gains momentum and RoR accelerates its presence both in blogs and tech related news (look at the News reference volume graph). Release 1.1 is on March, and was testified by InternetNews article Ruby on Rails Ramps Up by Sean Michael Kerner.

Than, consolidates the trend both for Ruby on Rails and Heinemeier’s company, 37Signals, which is winning several awards (Pc Magazine SMB 20 award, Technology Review Young innovator).

Will the release 1.2 give RoR the visibility it deserves in software panorama? Well, the trend is clear, Rails on Wave is born and will contribute to the spread of this powerful framework.

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