Javascript and physic engines

A few days ago while watching the amazing combination effect demo page I thought:

A physic Engine written in Javascript could be cool?

With such a tool you could create amazing effects by setting extra physics properties to divs (like forces, frictions, etc…) or other HTML objects. This physic engine could help you create effects like a photo slideshow where the pictures falls from the top and bounch on the bottom of the page.

Other abilities could lead into adding physic effects to your GUI, as example you could have a list of elements (eg divs) one over each other with the ability to delete on of them; when this happen the elements over the deleted one could bounce realistically before stop.

The pourpose of this post is to share this thoughts with you in order to understand if could be a good idea starting the development of such a tool or if there are better alternatives. (or if all these effects are simply unnecessary).

While surfing in the past day searching for already made examples i found only this PhisicBallMenu example dated back (no Prototype.js) and nothing more.

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