RailsConf EU opens: bratwurst, beer and nice people

Yesterday evening we took part of Bratwurst on Rails, the first event related to the RailsConf Europe in Berlin. It has been really a great night: it was our first Bratwurst party.

We arrived, took a couple of beers and began looking around us. Soon we found great people to talk with. Some were known, some other not.

We met some Rails blog & code icons as Amy of Slash7 and Thomas Fuchs, the father of script.aculo.us.

We met Lee and Sergio from Chicago who write Ruby code for the financial market and started using Rails at version 0.3 – good luck guys.

We met Marco an Italian guy from Pisa, a Rails enthusiast, who said us that in his opinion we are the only real Web 2.0 initiative in Italy. Thanks Marco for your support.

It was also really amazing meeting so many people coming from the US, some who missed the Portland event and some who were at Portland too.

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