What it does


(xy)write makes easy writing, sharing and collaborating on a document. It helps your team agree about what to do, wherever they are. It helps you to share a meeting report or a contract with a customer. And it makes sure that if someone changes the document, you’ll be notified via email by the system. You can invite people to collaborate with you in seconds simply having their email addresses.

Version tracking

(xy)write manages version tracking allowing you to retrieve a previous version if something goes wrong. Then you can complete it and save it with a new version number.


Writing a document often requires exchanging information with the other people. (xy)write allows you to share comments while you and your collaborators complete the document.

Export in PDF or RTF format

In any moment you can export a document in PDF or RTF format to elaborate it offline. That’s a very normal thing for a word processor, but Writeboard doesn’t have it. Yet another reason to code our own product.

An egalitarian word processor: re-use your old PC

I’m so upset when I find a good product on the Internet, but I can’t make it work with older OSs. (xy)write has been written to be usable with old OSs like Mac OS 9.2 and browsers like Netscape 7.1. We chose Netscape bacause it’s available on many old machines. We are very proud of this feature, so if you have an old PC with Netscape 7.1 or greater on it and somethings doesn’t work well with (xy)write, contact us to get it fixed immediately. You don’t need a new PC to use a smart word processor.

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